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We provide three primary types of services to residents and families.

1) Assessment

    During the initial contact with the resident, we will conduct an initial assessment to determine the nature of the presenting problem. During this process, we will interview the resident, his/her family members, and the facility staff that are most familiar with his/her needs. At times, we may also need to conduct psychological testing, including testing of cognitive status, with the resident to gather more information. After the assessment is completed, our clinicians will make treatment recommendations.

2) Counseling

    We provide individual and family psychotherapy at the facility or home where your family member is located. This therapy may occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on need. An updated treatment plan is written every 90 days outlining the goals of treatment. Each session is confidential and we attempt to hold sessions in private locations within the facility.

3) Consultation

    SLC also provides clinical consultation with facility staff regarding your family member. Specifically, we will work with the staff to understand your family member's unique psychological and emotional needs, and develop plans to improve quality of life for your family member.

If you have any questions about services, please feel free to call our office at (614) 792-1108 or send us a comment using our feedback form.

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