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How does our referral process work? To make a referral, someone must first identify a person with a need for our services. A person can be self-identified, or can be identified by a family member, facility staff, or physician.

The following things are important to consider when making a referral.

1) Is your family member acting differently than he or she used to? Do they:

bulletExpress sadness or hopelessness?
bulletNot participate in activities they formerly enjoyed?
bulletHave a significant increase or decrease in appetite or weight?
bulletHave a significant increase or decrease in hours of sleep?
bulletCry frequently?
bulletSeem anxious, agitated, nervous, or worried?
bulletMake critical, negative statements?
bulletReport that they would be "better off dead"?
bulletHave less energy than usual?

If two or more of these symptoms describe your family member, then they may be appropriate for a referral.

2) Have staff reported that your family member is having the following behaviors?

bulletPhysical or verbal aggression
bulletMakes delusional statements
bulletExcessive energy and is verbose
bulletSignificantly declined in his/her ability to care for him/herself
bulletMore than anticipated difficulty adjusting to new surroundings

Any of these behaviors are appropriate for a referral for SLC to provide services.

After a referral has been identified, contact the facility social worker or director of nursing to initiate the paperwork needed for our office to see your family member. You may be asked to sign a consent form allowing us to see your family member during this process. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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