Working for Senior Life Consultants, Inc.

SLC provides psychological services to over 120 nursing homes, assisted living and independent living communities in Ohio. Our corporate office is located in Dublin, Ohio. We are a group of Psychologists and Licensed Independent Social Workers with a commitment to the mental health needs of older adults.

SLC offers a flexible work environment coupled with significant autonomy. With support from SLC's main office, the facility where you provide services is yours to work with, including establishing relationships with facility staff and making the clinical decisions regarding your residents.

The support provided by SLC is considerable -- everything from help with a difficult diagnosis and other clinical questions, to help in understanding the facility staff. Each geographic area has a Service Coordinator to work with you to maximize your time and the quality of the services you serve. We provide training and consultation to all of our clinical staff. In addition, SLC performs all the tasks related to the billing of services.

Our clinicians work from 1/2 to 5 days a week, often combining this work with private practice or other employment. If you are interested in working with the older adult population, we may have opportunities for you. 

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